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My short story How to Survive in the ’30s has been accepted for publication with the Alpha Female Society! Please stop by and have a read.

April A to Z

April has 30 days. Don’t count the Sundays, and you’re left with 26 days. That’s one letter of the alphabet per day. I know, it works with other 30 day months, but none have the same alliteration. This is a WordPress Challenge. Check it out and see other participating blogs.

My theme is Biology A to Z. You’ll see my first post on April 1, no joke.

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Ode to Junglefowl

Gallus gallus and again gallus! Crazy redhead with relatives across Sumatra, Java, Vietnam, India, Bangledesh, Myanmar, and Thailand. Show us your fancy feathers Mr. Gallus and waltz her to the end of love. For all our sakes, say yes Ms. Gallus! We have known you nigh 8000 years! We took you around the world with … Continue reading Ode to Junglefowl

Imperiled Isoparce

I’m a day late with “I”. I write at the end of the day, and yesterday I fell asleep while writing. Without further ado, here is “I”. Isoparce cupressi is a moth native to the US. The prefix iso- is Greek for identical. Cupressi is Latin for “of cypress”. Parce, well I’m going to say … Continue reading Imperiled Isoparce

Hail Hydra

Home Grown. We took some pond water and brought it inside last fall (2020). We had tadpoles in October and wanted to save some from the cold weather. The 1st step was preparing their home. A number of cool organisms came along in the water. The hydra was one. It took a few days to … Continue reading Hail Hydra