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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

– Maya Angelou

The Shape of Power

Warning: Sexual situations I slid my naked body against his. He shifted my hips over his groin, his erection growing and ready for more. “You know,” I said, rocking my hips a tiny amount, “If you educate me, I can take care of the other women.” His hands rested on my hips and held me…


Dreams are in motion like trains. They creep along dirty by-ways, with the hope of sun. Later, they crawl up mournful hills where they are still for a fraction of a second, then plunge downward into their lifetimes. When their tracks cross rocks, they tremble, but they are never empty. They carry, at very least,…

Duck Duck Goose

How to fix a garden hose with a hole. Step 1: Find duck tape. Step 1a: Is it really called duck tape? Why would you tape a duck? Step 2: Take DUCT tape (read the label, man!) to backyard. Step 3: Wrap duct tape around spewing hole in hose. Step 4: Get towel for soaked…

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On June 27, 2021 my short story Imago Delinquents was accepted for publication at Teleport Magazine!

On March 13, 2021, my short story How to Survive in the ’30s was accepted for publication with the Alpha Female Society! Please stop by and have a read.

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