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My short story How to Survive in the ’30s has been accepted for publication with the Alpha Female Society! Please stop by and have a read.

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Six weeks since getting home from the hospital (for covid-19) and I finally have enough energy to fuel my muse. Read my latest blog, and please come back for more!

April A to Z

This challenge is over. Not just because April is done. I got covid-19 at “K”, and went into the hospital at about “M”.  I’m recovering now and will never write about being sick. The care I got was excellent, but I never want to revisit that.

Every creative bone in my body feels like a noodle. My posts are going to be sparse for awhile. I’ll write as able, and I’m grateful for that.



I’m cruising down the highway with someone riding shotgun. I don’t know who because I’m watching for my exit and not looking at the person next to me. I’m hauling ass through the bright green marshland, but that’s okay. My exit isn’t for awhile. I look out the passenger window across the flat land and … Continue reading Baltimore?


The sweat was a river slipping down Alya’s back. It ran into the waistband of her pants, which was a dam over-run. The excess flowed down to the, as embarrassing as it was to say, crack in her butt. She paused in her work and shifted from foot to foot. “It’s hotter than hell out … Continue reading Heat

The Whales Grew Feet

“This is hard SF?” Emily said. “Yes, now let me finish the story,” James said. “Then the whales grew feet and…” “That’s a stupid yarn. If he had any knowledge of evolution, he’d know that whales once had feet. How can you grow them if you already have them?” “That’s the point! They devolved!” “Jesus … Continue reading The Whales Grew Feet