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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

– Maya Angelou

Life’s Equity

“But it’s not fair!” Myrna said. Myrna’s father, Bob, rubbed his forehead. Each generation of teenagers had mastered the nasal twang and that drawn-out last syllable without ever hearing it from their ancestors. How did they do it? And what made it so annoying? “Look,” Bob said. “Nobody ever said life was fair.” “Games have … Continue reading Life’s Equity


The narwhal was drawn to the milkweed, despite her indifference. She was beautiful in her pale pink decorations, as her leaves reached to the sky. The narwhal thought it was an exhortation to the Gods and admired her devotion. Whenever the blessing passed, he pulsed at her. She wasn’t in the water, but maybe this … Continue reading Unrequited


It’s a botanical painting! No it’s a man! Wait, it’s Flordali! Able to leap a snail in a single bound and shoot sloe plums at foes (or friends), he can be seen flowering at will. He’s a drupe of a guy! Don’t miss him! He can be found lurking in your granny’s garden, ready to … Continue reading Flordali

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On June 27, 2021 my short story Imago Delinquents was accepted for publication at Teleport Magazine!

On March 13, 2021, my short story How to Survive in the ’30s was accepted for publication with the Alpha Female Society! Please stop by and have a read.

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