Forbidden Layers

The smooth stone steps were slippery with algae. I put my hand on he wall to steady my self. It was slimy too. I had always snuck about when the Grand Mother was napping, but I had never gone this far before. I wobbled as my right foot slipped out from under me, but caught myself of the slick wall. Ew! The whole front of my dress pressed against the wall came away feeling utterly disgusting. I paused, holding my slimy hands out, casting about for something to clean them on. I shrugged and wiped them on the front of my dress. It was already a mess, may as well have clean hands.

The only reason I could see in the shadowy darkness was because of a faint glow coming from something on the ceiling. I hadn’t seen it in the other passages, but they were not layers so deep. They all had some sort of holes to let in daylight. Not in this wretched, forbidden place. I started down the treacherous steps again wondering what could be down at the bottom. I felt a moment of vertigo and then I was in a place of warm, golden light. I had to leave this place and go into the cold, white light. Sigh. Let’s get going then. I couldn’t see well, something wasn’t right with my eyes. I did recognize something that was a doorway and could see the big stones that had been carved and carried to build this place. For a time, I don’t think anything happened.

I was sitting against a wall cradling my left arm when all the fuzziness went away and the room was I was in became crystal clear.It was well lit with glow balls and looked like it was a sunny day. There was a well in the middle of the circular room filled to the rim with water. Fresh water. I could tell by the smell and I knew it was there for me. I sobbed in relief. My head hurt and I touched it wth my right hand and winced. My hand came away with blood. I wonder why I’m here? Where was I before? Why do I need water? What happend to my head? 

Each thought brought a little more worry to mind. Why couldn’t I remember anything? I cradled my left arm against my chest and crawled to the well. I was too dizzy to stand. There was a ladle there, waiting for me. Using my right hand I carefully ladeled some water out of the well and drank greedily. After my thirst was slaked I laid down on the cold stone floor and closed my eyes. I’m so tired. I just need a rest and then I can think. It’s just too much to do all at once; a broken arm, head injury, memory gone, lost… just rest.

I woke up thinking my arm is very broken. Then I remembered standing at the top of the steps and that moment of vertigo. I must have fallen! I could see the pale ceiling and wondered what this place was. That was it. I fell down the stairs and hurt myself! My Name is . . . Jane! Yes! I can remember now.It seems those steps are damn dangerous, and forbidden for a reason. I should have listened. This time I was wrong and she was right.

Daily prompts forbidden and layers


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