The heat of the day is fading and long golden rays burnish the tree trunks and bring out the green in rich deep, colors. Shadows are long and birds are singing their come-to-the-nest songs. The sun sinks and golden fades to red and the clouds become streaks of fire.

The fire fades as the burning ball of the sun sinks below the surface of the world, leaving a pink after glow. The sky around the pink is turquoise and fades to denim as I look east. A gentle breeze shifts a few hairs around my face and they tickle my nose. I put my feet up on the table and shift in the chair to get comfortable. I take a swallow of beer and enjoy the hoppy flavor and coolness in my mouth and as it travels down my gullet to my stomach.

The pink has faded and glowing blue remains. The spruces are deep cobalt, the grass is sapphire and the roses are aqua.The breeze picks up and the coolness across my skin raises goose flesh. As crickets start their night songs, a rabbit hops out of her hidey-hole and munches on some clover, clearly visible and yet somehow hidden in this lovely gloaming. I listen to the world settle and quiet and watch a bat swoop and catch a moth that looks like it’s electric blue. The western sky darkens completely and the eastern lightens as the gibbous moon rises and coats everything in silver. There’s another rustle in the shrubs and the rabbit shoots back into her hidey-hole. Time for me to head to my hidey-hole. Good night world.


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