Jaws vs. The Dispossessed

As I walked into the house I said, “You were right, Dad.”

Mom rose from her La-Z-Boy and hugged me so that all the air whooshed from my lungs. When she released me I said, “Geez Mom!”

“I can’t help it, I love you fiercely.” She walked from the living room to the adjacent kitchen and said, “How are Lori and Sandy?”

“Good. Dad, I tried counting to 50 when Emma was bugging me.”

My brother walked into the kitchen and took the radio down from the top of the fridge. He turned it on and searched for a station.

“And?” Dad said.

“It worked! I didn’t get mad. When the meteors hit the moon, could it be seen from earth?”

Steve found a station and set the radio on the table. The song “Fire” came blaring into the house

“Turn that shit off,” Dad said.

“If there had been anyone around at that time, yes,” Mom said emptying the dishwasher. She had disconnected it from the faucet and rolled it away from the sink. I sat in one of the stools at the formica counter that divided kitchen from living room. Dad sat in his La-Z-Boy and read the paper.He nodded.

The Ohio Players were turned down, but not gone.

“Do you suppose moon pieces fell to earth?”

“I would imagine so,” Mom said. Dad nodded.

“Hmm,” I said. All right then, tomorrow I would start looking. For now, I’d get ready for bed and read until Mom forced me to go to sleep. Should I steal Dad’s “Jaws”, or Mom’s “Dispossessed”?

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