Safety Matters

She is slowly unbecoming. She can talk about quarks and black holes, but doesn’t know how to pay bills. Fairies grace her living room and she spends the day watching the trees outside of her window talk. She lives in a beautiful world.

I must be the one to pack up her life and give it away. I have to put this amazing woman into a room the size of my master bedroom for the rest of her life. Because I am the good daughter. Because safety matters.

Mr. Safety Matters is a dick. I want to beat him till he bleeds. Instead I get a nose bleed from sobbing. I must be strong, for my brother. For my children. For my husband. I can’t say the name of the one for whom I must be strongest. I’ll cry now and get another nose bleed, but not tomorrow. Tomorrow I have things to do. I would do anything for her, I would die for her. Instead I do the hardest thing of all. Live.

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