Excerpt from a new project

Writing is going well!

Here is the excerpt from the novel I am writing as part of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) https://nanowrimo.org/

Lakor was rubbing a strand of Dana’s blond hair between his fingers. Jenae walked up and slapped his hand away and shoved Dana backwards. Jenae didn’t care if that woman was a relative of the Allfather. Jenae was angry and it took away her power of speech, so she could only glare at Dana. Jenae felt Lakor’s hand on her shoulder, and she tried to shrug it off.
“Are you claiming me?” he asked.
Jenae did want to claim him, but not in anger or with a stranger watching. “You shouldn’t be touching her,” she said turning to face him. “She is sister to the Allfather.”
“You didn’t answer my question.”
With one beat of her powerful wings, Jenae was airborne and heading for the tops of the trees, leaving those two behind. She flew out over the treetops and the wind played with her black hair and tried to tug it out of its braid. She was long past fifteen, but when she was around Lakor, she acted stupid. The coolness of the air slipping across her face calmed her. She shouldn’t be worried about her. It’s not like Dana and Lakor could mate. Dana didn’t even have wings. He may like that golden hair, but she wasn’t one of them and never would be.
She caught a thermal and spiraled higher into the sky. Catching the rising column of warm air was an easy way to rise; she didn’t have to flap her wings but instead could glide on the current and rise effortlessly. She was high above her forest now, and her acute, dark eyes could easily pick out the Meeting tree.

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