The Greatest Showman

“There are three common concepts that lead to Creative Symbolism. As I have traveled across the country, I have adapted these concepts and supervised others as they’ve assessed their lives and worked on their own creative symbolism.”

He rubbed his hands together. Today was going to be a good workshop. “The first concept…” His ears popped and he paused. The cool breeze from the AC stopped. The auditorium was silent. No sound of the air moving through the ducts. The voice in his ear said, “Boss, the AC units have gone down.”

He smiled to the audience as his inside voice said, “GOD DAMNIT! Can’t anyone get anything fucking right!”

“Well folks, sounds like the AC just shut down on us. I’ll tell you what,” he said removing his jacket and hanging it on the back of his chair. “I’ll just get comfortable and we will just have a short chat before breaking for the focus groups.” He rolled up his sleeves and loosened his tie. He sat on the edge of the stage and started again, “The first concept is trust. Normally, I start with truth, but my time is short, so I’m starting with the most important one today. What’s that?” he says to a pretend audience member in the first row. “Oh, why don’t I always start with the most important? That’s a story for when we know each other better.”

He had them hooked again, and would help hundreds today. Everywhere he went he did good. Creative Symbolism was truly changing America.

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