Beach Reading

The sand is cool, and a zephyr ruffles your hair as you walk along the beach. The waves break calmly in the shallows as you pause to look at blob up the beach. You wade into the gentle surf and are surprised to find a bottle.

“How quaint!”

You rinse it and peer inside. There’s a sheaf of papers! You open the bottle and after some shaking and cursing, it’s clear that the papers will not come out. You smash the bottle on a nearby rocky outcrop. The papers are damp but readable. The ink, and it is old fashioned ink, is faded.

The first page says, “I’ve visited St. Peter and St. Paul. There is more than one face to God. Take these papers to Mr. Albert Einstein.”

It’s signed, “CD, HMS Beagle, 1863.” You flip through pages of handwritten words.

“Who’s this Einstein guy? I’ll never figure out CD.”

150 words

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