Fish Flies and Fulmar Chicks

Why did I get that close to a bug for a picture? I was born with the far-out! factor. Buggy creepiness is overridden by the far out! factor. You can’t be a biologist without it, and yes I am a biologist.

The Hey, that’s weird… response is vital as well. The weird… response without the ohno second is dangerous. The ohno second is the fraction of a second when you realize something really bad could happen and you say “Oh no!”

I have heard some people call it the Shit! response, but I think that is ambiguous. The Shit! response could be something biological NONE of us wants to share. But I digress. In order to survive to become a scientist, the ohno second is required.

Most people think that science geeks are unathletic. I must dispel that idea immediately. We are jumpy and fidgety because we are well aware we could get ourselves into an ohno second at ANY time.

I could be reading Stephen Hawking’s book and hear footsteps down the school hallway. My first thought would be, “That’s weird, no one is supposed to be out of class.” The ohno second kicks in when I realize it’s the bully I’M out in the hallway trying to avoid. I have only a few heart beats to come up with a solution before I’m removed from the gene pool. If only I could projectile vomit like a Fulmar chick!

Next best thing, hoof it to the principle’s office, where I know I won’t be followed. Who says we’re unathletic?

261 words
Yes, I’m way over my limit, but I was having fun writing!

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