Sea Phantoms

The shaved busts of the seamen were magnets for doubt. However, opinions were splintered and some found them calm, even sublime. This civilized philosophy was thrown into doubt when the Captains criticized it. They warmed to their topic and told of phantoms that proved to have soothing deceits. The serenity of the ridiculous drew these phantoms out of the air. The sociably refined should have heeded the Captains to avoid the cannibalistically inclined phantoms. However, it struck them as irrelevant.

80 words

A found-word story. The words were pulled from “Moby Dick”: busts, seamen, philosphy, doubt, air, deceits, phantoms, cannibalistically, ridiculous, sociable, calm, sublime, serenity, civilized, soothing, magnets, shaved, heeded, struck, thrown, warmed, splintered, proved, drew.

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