I course with the deer and leap over logs without effort. We flow through the forest and dodge around trees. The deer slow and stop and curl in the tall grass for the night. I am not winded. Energy sings down my nerves. I see a fox out on his nightly rounds and trot along with him. He is all business and spends much time marking and then turns to home and his den. I pause under a street lamp. I’m off down the sidewalk, my bare feet slapping and yet I feel only the wind on my face. The sidewalk ends and the houses fade and I move out into the open prairie. The moon winks at me and lays her glowing hair across the land. I leap and twirl in mid-air. I dance with the silver damsel and race her across the country, moving freely and rejoicing in the strength of my body. I win the race and the moon falls behind the horizon. Her brother breaks into the eastern sky. He burns and I run.

SoCS prompt “run”.

180 words

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