Would You Like to Buy an F?

I was going to write about the endangered black-footed ferret. I’m just too tired. Instead, I’m pointing you to a cool blog I found about frogs.

The Frog Lady

Obviously because they start with F, but mostly because there’s one singing outside my window now. Here’s his song.

If you can identify him from his song, let me know. He’s too well hidden, and in the dark, and probably small. Oh, and probably inside my waterfall housing. It’s hard to find him to make a visual ID.

Based on his call, I think he might be an American toad. I know, it doesn’t start with F. When I started writing this, I hadn’t ID’ed him and was convinced he was frog.

American Toad


Bufo americanus

Here’s my serenader hiding in my pond. American toad.

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