I’m cruising down the highway with someone riding shotgun. I don’t know who because I’m watching for my exit and not looking at the person next to me.

I’m hauling ass through the bright green marshland, but that’s okay. My exit isn’t for awhile. I look out the passenger window across the flat land and see Baltimore. The buildings are tall, and I can’t see the Bromo Seltzer tower. There’s a new building that’s round and resembles the RenCen.

The hair on my neck rises. Am I going to Detroit? I was going to Baltimore, but that could be Detroit across the marsh grass. Did I miss my exit? My heart pumps fast.

Ack! Exit! Sooner than expected! I haul on the steering wheel hard because the car won’t turn. Then I’m going too fast so I jam on the brakes, but I’m still speeding. I stomp on the brake pedal with both feet and the car slows a bit. Left turn ahead, and I must make that turn or I’ll become one with the building at the end of the road. Both feet on the brake and I’ve slowed enough to make the turn, but the steering wheel won’t turn. I grab I on the the right side and fling myself into the door and the wheel moves and I make the turn. My side view mirror scrapes the cement side of the building.

I’m skewed in my seat and can barely see over the steering wheel. My heart isn’t pumping fast anymore, it’s ready burst right out of my chest as the car speeds on. I pull myself up on the steering wheel and can see that I’m headed toward the end of the pier in Fells Point. I can’t reach the brake pedal now.

I scream as the car flies off the peer and goes into the harbor. It sinks and no matter how hard I kick the windshield, I can’t get it out. I try to roll down my window. I can swim out when the—

The windshield implodes, water engulfs me and as I die my body spasms and I jerk awake.

My pajamas are dripping with sweat. I hate those damn stress dreams with a car that doesn’t work. I change my pajamas and get back in bed. Yeah, thanks subconscious, I know my life’s outta control. I don’t need you reminding me!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “drive.” Use it any way you’d like.

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