A Cento for Your Thoughts

Hey, why not ask for more?
Baby, that’s the way I feel.
You can stand me at the gates of hell, but I won’t back down.
Take a lesson from the strangeness you feel.
Fate must have a reason, why else endure the season of the hollow soul?
The waiting is the hardest part,
But always someone marches brave, here beneath my skin.
I got some news for you,
We belong among the wildflowers.
So sleep tight, baby, and unfurl your brow,
And start running down a dream.

Cento –  a work of poetry that is composed of various lines taken from different poems

Authors – the lines in this poem come from Mary Chapin Carpenter, Tom Petty, The Eagles, and K.D. Lang. Can you match the authors to their lines? Can you name the songs?

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