I aspire to inspire all of you before I expire. I undoubtedly will respire during this exercise, but hopefully won’t perspire. I can’t transpire, because only plants do that (last I checked, not a plant). I’m not in cahoots with someone, so I can’t conspire in this endeavor. Unless you want to help?

Hey Linda,

I think we should get Super-bonus points for using all in ONE sentence. Mega-super-bonus points for coming up with other -spires and using them all coherently!

Your Friday prompt from Lina G. Hill for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “inspire/aspire/expire”.

2 thoughts on “Spires

  1. This is well done, and your completion within one sentence as well as the other spires is duly noted. Linda is on the hook for the bonus points, and I’d feel bad charging her more. David had to pick up the tab today because my credit card had expired. He’s not the happiest camper. You are free to order a double when you belly up tot he bar. Tell Cheryl I said it’s OK, and give David a wink.


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