Wildthings Wednesday 10/6/21

WW Rules

  • The prompt is below (labeled “Prompt”, imagine that!)
  • Stream of Consciousness – no planning and no editing (ok, typo correction and spell-check allowed)
  • Minimal curse words – sometimes shit happens
  • Keep it clean – my kids read this!

Give me a pingback (WordPress only) or a link to your writing in the comments. I’d love to read what you’ve written!

My writing is below the prompt, if you’re interested.


Spicebush Swallowtail – Soldier’s Delight, Maryland


I don’t know what creature made these footprints, but I sure am glad I wasn’t here when it did! I would have become one with the mud.

Mud is good on a hot day. It cools my walking parts. And I can slurp up the salty water. I just hope no one is watching.


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