An OK Day

She had almost missed it. She was looking at the gray sky when she’d put out her hand to open the shiny glass door. She’d glanced at the plants in the flower boxes as she always had over the multitude of unchanging days. Today hidden within the subtle variations of sable were pops of red.

Sue stared at those pops. A man brushed past her. A woman bumped into her and muttered, “Stupid cow, get out of the way.”

Red. She hadn’t seen red since the day she wore black and white. The funeral director had worn a red carnation. Who does that at funerals? Isn’t that for a best man?

Another shove from behind, this time followed by, “Oh, so sorry!” The man looked where she was looking as he passed, and she had just enough time to see him smile before he turned toward the doors and was swallowed by the building.

She started her feet again and with them her daily routine. The morning had no hair-on-fire moments, and everything ran smoothly. Sue didn’t notice. Her mind kept taking her back to those red pops. She felt like she spent the entire time gazing at them, which couldn’t have been, because she had her reports ready and it was time to visit the copy room.

She walked down the corridor and realized today was an OK kind of day. What would make it a great day, would be avoiding Jim completely. She made it to the copy room and she could blissfully copy in peace.

“Hello Sunshine,” Jim said, grinning as he walked through the door.

A girl can dream. She looked at him, using her laser eyes and piercing him.

“Weather is great,” he said.

Apparently her lasers were malfunctioning.

“Nice skirt,” he said looking at her rear.

“I’m not telling you where I bought it. It would be embarrassing for both of us to show up in the same skirt on the same day.”

“Hah, hah! Good one!”

“Go away.”

“No can do. Need the copier. Hey I only have a few…”

“How sad for you.”

“Not me. But you, you’re a good looking woman. Would it kill you to put on a little make-up?”

Swish swish went the papers in the machine in front of Sue. Hurry up machine! Get done before…

“Extra points for the sexy nylons,” he said.

“They’re tights, dodo brain.”

“Ooh, that hurts,” he said putting his hand over his heart.

The machine stopped with a clunk. Sue snatched up her originals and grabbed her stack of copies. Jim blocked the doorway.

“If you let your hair down…”

Her knee acted without her permission and slammed into his balls. He doubled over and she shoved past him. She walked back to her desk smiling. Every day should have moment when she kicked Jim in the nuts. But… that would become mundane. Once week would be a good formula.

A splash of something on her desk caught her attention. Her work bag. It had been a lovely black patent leather for the past year. Now it sang out in all its purple glory. Could the world actually right itself? Maybe she could live in it again.

The prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday from Linda G. Hill for November 20, 2021 is “black, gray, and white”. Use one, use ’em all. Bonus points if you use all three.

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