Take it Back

“Let go!” I said.

Pat did not. She kept pulling on my lab notebook. “I just want to see what you got for the density.”

We had a few minutes before 8th grade science class started, and Mr. Bohr was on hall duty until then.

Every period it was something with her.

She sat in front of me. “I need more room,” she had said, and pushed my desk backwards.

Day after day, do this, gimmee that. Four weeks into the new year and I was done. Anger flowed through me and my ears sang and my face burned.

“I said no!” I tugged the notebook hard and we both tumbled out of our seats.

Pat was up first, and I had not let go so she pulled me up with her.

“You’re a bully,” I said.

“Just let me see,” she said, tugging and twisting.

It was clear that we had a stalemate. I couldn’t let go and she wouldn’t because that would mean defeat and humiliation.

She tugged again and I slid across the floor. We stood nose to nose. Pat took a step back.

I knew she’d tug again. If I let go at the right moment… No, she’d still have my notebook. I wasn’t capitulating this time. I was done with that. This was my work and she couldn’t have it!

I released the notebook before she tugged and punched her in the nose.

The notebook dropped to the floor as her hands flew to her nose.

I snatched it up as she yelled, “Bitch!”

That’s when Mr. Bohr walked in.

SoCS Prompt “Let go”

JusJoJan 1/29/22

5 thoughts on “Take it Back

    1. Yeah, and the weird thing, once I stood up to her (it didn’t take a punch), she acted like we were best friends. Something wrong with that one.

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