You must prepare.

What do you mean, “For what?”

Step one: earth quakes.

You don’t live in an earth quake zone? You still…

Fine. A more immediate concern. You must prepare for hurricanes.

Oh yes you do. You live on the east coast, so you must.

Step one: Prepare a go-bag.

Whadda ya mean you don’t know what what a go-bag is? Google it.

Alright already. It’s a bag with all the things in it you need to go away for a weekend.

Longer? We’ll get to that. Step two…

I’m not a pessimist. You’re outta touch with reality.

I didn’t call you a name. You called me a name!

Fact? Moving along. Step two…

The apocalypse? OK. Step one…

Whadda ya mean you’re not serious? A pandemic could wipe humanity off the face of the planet at any time!

It’s a saying. It doesn’t mean everyone is gone. Just mostly everyone. You’re still around, obviously, or you wouldn’t need to prepare.

Really? You’d die in the apocalypse so you’re not going to plan? But what if you’re the one person that’s alive?

Seriuosly? No, you won’t be the only alive and if it’s a fire or earthquake or hurricane, there won’t be stuff around.

Not prepare? Are you crazy? Step one…

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