Content alert: drug addiction; suicide

They lured her using her own cravings, and she swallowed their magical mix certain her powers were greater. Rachel never felt the snare grab her.

She contemplated the abyss. Rachel’s body quivered and her dancing feet knocked pebbles over the edge. Every muscle in her body spasmed, yes even her heart. She lived a universe of fire and crackling bone. On release, she slumped to the ground, the hard rock swaying beneath her.

The easy ending would betray those to whom she was loyal and reward the damned who had trapped her. The the magical mix was right there in her pocket. Her fingers twitched toward that key.

Rachel dragged herself to the edge. She paused, and sharp rock along the rim bit into her side. She rolled. It wasn’t the beautiful swan dive she’d imagined, but it turned out the hard way was easy after all.

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