Ooh, ooh! It’s the red bouncer! Does it have food! Jump on my two-legger!


Ooops. My tail and ears show how sad I am.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! It’s filled with kibble! Again!

Chomp, gnaw, gnaw, gnaw. No kibble. Roll it around the floor. Snuffle, and… trail of kibble!

Nudge it. Aww, no kibble. Lay down and keep the red bouncer between my paws just in case more kibble comes.

Stare. Drop my chin to the floor and sigh.

Ooh, two-legger is rubbing my neck and now my ears. Ahh, I can’t keep my eyes open. Best day ever.

2/3/22 “something based on a snippet of dialogue”

Hey man, communication between me and my dog is a dialogue.

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