Cookie Monster – The Bunny

Our rabbit, Cookie, died last night. This is about her.

Ode to Cookie Monster

There was a young bunny
That found nothing funny
'Til she found a friend
Near summer's end
That made her life sunny.

This young bunny, it's said,
Went to the field with dread
But ate up the grass
Showed all her sass
Then slept soundly in bed.

She boxed with great might
Kept her friend up at night
Showed Dog who was boss
Never had a loss
Watch out, she might bite!

She learned to do tricks
No fetching of sticks
But spin then huddle,
Up for a cuddle
All with her friend for kicks.

Good things end, it's true
But try not to be blue,
Cookie Monster's gone
Memories live on
But we'll miss her, it's true.

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