The albatross dreamt of wildflowers while the fish below eluded her.

Meanwhile, the dolphins had a quarrel as deep as a ravine. One insisted the they erase reason and embrace the phantoms below. The other claimed reason was essential because the dispossessed Ancients had returned to abrade their descendants.

The albatross felt the air change and saw a tern, his narrow wings laden with forms most foul. The fingers of the winds tossed his feathers like flower petals, and her secret fluttered in her breast.

Above the aggregation of thrumming waves, her hidden truth escaped. Fate is in the wind, which carries all souls through uncharted places.

A = albatross

This is a found word story. The words I used are:

  • albatross
  • wildflowers
  • ravine
  • dispossessed
  • narrow
  • quarrel
  • narrow
  • forms
  • foul
  • petals
  • secret
  • phantoms
  • aggregation
  • thrumming
  • air
  • fate
  • uncharted
  • abrade

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