The Sourge

“Hey, Marge.”

“Hey, Gladys. Ready for work?”

“Yep! Bloodsuckers Unite!”

“What’s that mean,” Virginia said joining them.

“Gladys thinks we need a union,” Marge said.

“We are a union,” Virginia said. “We unite every morning.”

“That’s true,” Marge said.

“I’m done having children,” Virginia said.

“No you’re not. You’ve got at least one more time to go.”

“That’s why we need a union!”

“Oh, Vir,” Gladys said. “A union can’t change our nature.”

“Then we should at least get hazard pay,” Virginia said.

“Look, there’s one now!” Marge shouted.

“Smells good!” Gladys said. “I’m going in!”

“I’m not,” Vir said. “No more blood for me.”

Gladys bit deeply into the man’s forearm. She drank and her eyes glazed and her legs froze.

“Oh no!” Virginia said, “she’s in the rapture!”

“Wake up!” Marge said.

They watched their friend’s abdomen fill with blood. Her wings were immobile.

“Pull out Gladys!” Virginia said.

The man’s large, meaty hand came down slowly on Gladys.

Marge and Virginia screamed as they watched their friend get crushed.

“I can’t look,” Virginia said as the hand came up.

“Me either,” Marge said as they flew away to find other prey to sink their proboscides into.

Bio Corner

Proboscides = plural of proboscis (body part a mosquito uses to drink blood)

Female mosquitoes can survive without drinking blood. They only need it to lay eggs. Males drink nectar, so it’s possible females could as well.

A group of mosquitoes is call a Scourge.

M = mosquito

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