The Dog’s Meeting

We are a dog family and can’t resist sharing this with other dog families. Enjoy!


Linda’s Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “near/far.” Use “near,” use “far,” use them both if you’d like.
I’m going to cheat a bit here and use my party piece from 1965 that I never actually performed. For years I thought it was one of my Dad’s little ditties, but apparently there is one very similar so he may have modified it.

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The Dog’s Meeting
The dogs once held a meeting,
They came from near and far,
Some came by automobile,
And some came by car.
But each one as he entered,
Before around he looked,
Had to take his tail off
And hang it on a hook.
Now when the meeting started
With each mother, son and sire,
A dirty little yellow dog
Jumped up and hollered ‘FIRE’!
They all jumped up in panic
And had no time to look,
So each…

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