This is my theme for April. It’s not intended to be a comprehensive guide. It is intended to be fun. Learn about the weird and wonderful in biology.

April has 30 days. Don’t count the Sundays, and you’re left with 26 days. That’s one letter of the alphabet per day. I know, it works with other 30 day months, but none have the same alliteration. This is a WordPress Challenge. Check it out and see other participating blogs.


The narwhal was drawn to the milkweed, despite her indifference. She was beautiful in her pale pink decorations, as her leaves reached to the sky. The narwhal thought it was an exhortation to the Gods and admired her devotion. Whenever the blessing passed, he pulsed at her. She wasn’t in the water, but maybe this…


It’s a botanical painting! No it’s a man! Wait, it’s Flordali! Able to leap a snail in a single bound and shoot sloe plums at foes (or friends), he can be seen flowering at will. He’s a drupe of a guy! Don’t miss him! He can be found lurking in your granny’s garden, ready to…

Team Building Exercise

The oaks on the mountain are awash in starlight. Beneath them, the wolf participates with vigor in the ruthless dance of the hunt. Thought is unnecessary as her muscles slide against one another. Worry does not exist as her paws land on earth and fallen leaves. She is one of many, and the many become…

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In another life I was a research scientist and college professor.

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