Would You Like to Buy an F?

I was going to write about the endangered black-footed ferret. I'm just too tired. Instead, I'm pointing you to a cool blog I found about frogs. The Frog Lady Obviously because they start with F, but mostly because there's one singing outside my window now. Here's his song. If you can identify him from his … Continue reading Would You Like to Buy an F?

So You Think You Know Evolution?

D for Darwin followed by E for evolution is simply irresistible! All right, roll up your sleeves, here we go. Evolution happens to species, not individualsIndividuals carry the variations that allow evolutionNatura non facit saltum We are starting with these things as facts and moving forward to learning about Evo Devo. That's right, I said … Continue reading So You Think You Know Evolution?

C is for Cilia

Cilium (pl. cilia) - a short microscopic hairlike vibrating structure; important for movement of micro-organisms. Below is a cartoon of the inside of a cilium. This is from a scientific journal, so it's detailed. What I want you to focus on is part A. This is a slice lengthwise through the cilium. The blue is … Continue reading C is for Cilia

Angel or Dragon?

The Blue Glaucus, Glaucus atlanticus, is a shell-less gastropod. Huh? A sea slug! These ethereal creatures live out to sea their entire lives; they are pelagic. Sometimes currents carry them onto shore, as in the picture. They grow to about an inch long and live in the Atlantic Ocean. They have no skeleton, so they … Continue reading Angel or Dragon?