Safety Matters

She is slowly unbecoming. She can talk about quarks and black holes, but doesn't know how to pay bills. Fairies grace her living room and she spends the day watching the trees outside of her window talk. She lives in a beautiful world. I must be the one to pack up her life and give … Continue reading Safety Matters

21st Century Citizen

While in third grade, my teacher told us we'd be alive when the century changed to 2000. Amazing! Unbelievable! And just plain wow! We wrote stories about the year 2000. There were flying cars, rocket ships, and robots. None of us kids envisioned the century accurately. I guess that's not a big surprise! Gene Rodenberry … Continue reading 21st Century Citizen

Joy to the World

[Creative non-fiction, 1767 words] I watched Disney movies as a child. I’ve never counted how many. Dozens? Hundreds? Million Dollar Duck, Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, The Absent Minded Professor. I guess this says something about my outlook on life. My youthful understanding of joy came from the movie Pollyanna[1] and her "glad game". Pollyanna always … Continue reading Joy to the World