Tales from the Cafeteria

“… and that’s how she solved the mystery! Pretty brilliant, right Lori?” Tracy said about the #54 Nancy Drew Mystery. She took a bite of her tuna sandwich and chewed while she nodded. “Hey, Mabee, they called your table for hot lunch,” I heard a voice behind me say. I looked straight at Lisa, often … Continue reading Tales from the Cafeteria

June Bug

June sat on the hot driveway with Lori and Donna with a pile of rocks between them. “White works best,” Donna commented and held up a medium sized stone. “It’s just the natural version of chalk,” Lori said rolling her eyes. “It’s not actually scratching the sidewalk. These are best,” she said holding up a … Continue reading June Bug


“Bed time, young lady,” Mom said. “Aw man,” Kathy said. “Go on, honey,” Dad said. I stuck out my lower lip. Without looking up from his crossword, Dad laughed and said, “That is some pout.” From the kitchen doorway, I reached around the dark corner with my arm and checked for my younger brother. Absent. … Continue reading Jump-scare