Afternoon Delight

“What should we do with the body?” I stared at the corpse on the kitchen floor. I had been expecting afternoon delight when I’d slipped out of work early. “Well?” Annabelle said, folding her arms across her chest. “I’m thinking,” was my flaccid response. “Explain what happened again.” “For Chrissakes! That doesn’t matter!” “Someone saw … Continue reading Afternoon Delight

Welcome to the Atomic Age

"Have your own Atomic Kitchen!" All the women at the home show crowded around the exhibition. "Cook a complete meal in minutes!" "Look, honey," Jane's husband said. "Just what you need." "Oh, sure," she said and thought, I can't cook. It's bad slow, why would it be any better fast? She edged around the crowd … Continue reading Welcome to the Atomic Age

Through Another’s Eyes

The section of wall was clear and Caroic could see the landscape outside the habitat. The plants grew tall, with thin brown trunks. She couldn't believe those thin trunks could support all that green foliage. She missed the tangerine sky of home and the rocky landscapes. The low growing plant life was sparse. Here, carbon-based … Continue reading Through Another’s Eyes