The Inside Voice

"Kalmia, Kalmia, Kalmia!" Jamie shouted at her husband. "OK..." he said, frowning. "It's a mountain laurel," she explained. "How am I supposed to know that?" Bob said. "I told you at least three times." "No you didn't." Maybe it was two, she thought. It was definitely more than one. You're a Dodo Head, Bob, she … Continue reading The Inside Voice

A Few Drinks with Friends

"Gin and tonic, that says your classy," Steve said as he set Maddie's drink in front of her. "Does it?" She took a long sip. "You're thirsty." Steve said the obvious, and Maddie thought it was because he was nervous. Why would a man that good looking be nervous? "What have you got?" Maddie asked. … Continue reading A Few Drinks with Friends

Nobody’s Beesness

I was gray and frail, but I did my best to straddle the brink. The honeyguide flew the longitudinal path. I must cross one precarious step after another. Once across, I collapsed. I needed to rest just a moment. The little bird flew back to me. I thought I might be like Snow White, and … Continue reading Nobody’s Beesness