For You

Daria leaned back in her cafeteria chair and cradled her Sprite. "Did you get into trouble for breaking curfew last night?" Amy mumbled. Daria rolled her eyes. "What?" Mumble mumble. Daria took a sip of her Sprite. She had this theory. Amy couldn't decide if she wanted people to notice her or not. Sometimes she'd … Continue reading For You

Books Are For Reading

I unlocked the door to my neighbor's house. House sitting during summer break is a great money maker. The bonuses are even better. I'm away from brother, my clients leave snacks for me, and some of them have me dog watch too. However, the best part... I don't have to work at a fast food … Continue reading Books Are For Reading

Street of Mes

"What movie did you see?" Mom asked. "Alexa, stop music." I watched her back as she scrambled eggs, more like beat them into submission, and poured them into the frying pan. "Into the Spider-Verse." Her spatula scraped the eggs from the bottom of the pan. "Did Spider Verse kill a lot of people." "No, Mom." … Continue reading Street of Mes


One foot in front of the other, moving in a smooth curve anti-clockwise. When his foot was about to close the circle, the path turned ninety-degrees to the left, and another turn, then Peter walked another smooth curve clockwise. Contemplation. Meditation. The white gravel on the path crunched under his shoes as he watched them … Continue reading Labyrinth