One foot in front of the other, moving in a smooth curve anti-clockwise. When his foot was about to close the circle, the path turned ninety-degrees to the left, and another turn, then Peter walked another smooth curve clockwise. Contemplation. Meditation. The white gravel on the path crunched under his shoes as he watched them … Continue reading Labyrinth


Content alert: drug addiction; suicide They lured her using her own cravings, and she swallowed their magical mix certain her powers were greater. Rachel never felt the snare grab her. She contemplated the abyss. Rachel's body quivered and her dancing feet knocked pebbles over the edge. Every muscle in her body spasmed, yes even her … Continue reading Nevermore

May 28, 1977

Rose checked the cake on the rack and found that it was completely cool. Perfect. She arranged her tools on the kitchen table and gathered her dyes and powders and candies. The frosting was the right temperature and consistency. She brought the cake to her work area. The first step was always the icing on … Continue reading May 28, 1977

Status Report

“How are you?” Rick said. “And don’t say ‘surviving’.” Dana looked at her long-time friend’s face, with raised eyebrows, wide eyes, and pursed lips. He cared. She scanned the crowd at Coffee Beans Et Alia. It was a busy day and there were a lot of people to scan. “Dana?” “It’s not easy to talk … Continue reading Status Report