The albatross dreamt of wildflowers while the fish below eluded her. Meanwhile, the dolphins had a quarrel as deep as a ravine. One insisted the they erase reason and embrace the phantoms below. The other claimed reason was essential because the dispossessed Ancients had returned to abrade their descendants. The albatross felt the air change … Continue reading Navigation

The Principles of Trees

The sun was weak, and a frigid wind blew across a tree branch that was an ulna without ligaments set obliquely across another tree. When the axes came, the trees adjusted their circulation to avoid the checklist of cuts. Alas, a lone survivor was helpless against the guilt of uncut bark and could not forget … Continue reading The Principles of Trees

Beginning and Ending

The chemical relationship ionized dreams and lifted hopes. Though they were fraught with isotopes, the shared events were joyous. The spiral and complex weekends did not need explaining. Soon, the data showed cursed elements. The erasure of the happy road became a periodic part of each day. A metallic ploy mandated a unique wall; each … Continue reading Beginning and Ending