Beginning and Ending

The chemical relationship ionized dreams and lifted hopes. Though they were fraught with isotopes, the shared events were joyous. The spiral and complex weekends did not need explaining. Soon, the data showed cursed elements. The erasure of the happy road became a periodic part of each day. A metallic ploy mandated a unique wall; each … Continue reading Beginning and Ending


Whilst in the ancient archipelagos, the progenitors spoke of peculiar sights. One such was the incessant oscillations of the twilight. They speculated that divergent forms off the coast caused a fatal perfection in perception. This caused the species to move toward extinction rather than preservation. However, abrupt transmutation could rescue those that were contemporaneous. This … Continue reading Origin


A mote was fashioned upon a peculiar lathe. Its childhood was spent in fire and it left behind cinders when it set out on its odyssey. Troopers named it Breakheart and rained war down on it. Breakheart lived its name and obliterated the troopers. Changed in this crucible of fate, the mote was Quietforge henceforth. … Continue reading Speck

Sea Phantoms

The shaved busts of the seamen were magnets for doubt. However, opinions were splintered and some found them calm, even sublime. This civilized philosophy was thrown into doubt when the Captains criticized it. They warmed to their topic and told of phantoms that proved to have soothing deceits. The serenity of the ridiculous drew these … Continue reading Sea Phantoms