21st Century Citizen

While in third grade, my teacher told us we'd be alive when the century changed to 2000. Amazing! Unbelievable! And just plain wow! We wrote stories about the year 2000. There were flying cars, rocket ships, and robots. None of us kids envisioned the century accurately. I guess that's not a big surprise! Gene Rodenberry … Continue reading 21st Century Citizen


It's my opinion that good fiction writers are able to become their characters. I've had characters come alive in my head and take over the story. Those have been my best stories. When that happens, my characters stop speaking to me and we are one. This sort of description would label me as crazy anywhere … Continue reading Sonder

The Sandwich Generation

I learned this from a friend who is studying to be a nurse. The sandwich generation is composed of people that are bringing up their own kids and taking care of aging parents. These people are in their 40s and 50s but can be as young as 30. They are "sandwiched" between generations of their … Continue reading The Sandwich Generation