Calorimeter. And not just any calorimeter. A bomb calorimeter. Think pressure cooker for chemistry. And yes, thank you for asking, I have used one. Do they even have those anymore? It is for measuring the heat of combustion of a compound. Why would any of us need to know this? Well, I don’t know about … Continue reading Calories

Of Perfection and Perception

They speculated that divergent forms off the coast caused a fatal perfection in perception. Of course it was all conjecture. They couldn’t ask the smiling corpses laying in the sand with waves washing over them. They assume the lethality is total. They will eventually determine it is not. Until then, it is a secret between … Continue reading Of Perfection and Perception

Tales from the Cafeteria

“… and that’s how she solved the mystery! Pretty brilliant, right Lori?” Tracy said about the #54 Nancy Drew Mystery. She took a bite of her tuna sandwich and chewed while she nodded. “Hey, Mabee, they called your table for hot lunch,” I heard a voice behind me say. I looked straight at Lisa, often … Continue reading Tales from the Cafeteria