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Short Story “Happiness is a Warm Dolphin”
9/10/21 – rejected
8/14/21 – submitted
5/7/21 – rejected
3/12/21 – submitted
Short Story “How to Survive in the ’30s”
3/12/21 – submitted
Published 3/14/21 Alpha Female Society
Short Story “Imago Delinquents”
PUBLISHED 7/1/21 Teleport Magazine!
June 27, 2021 – ACCEPTED!
Jun 2, 2021 – submitted PENDING
May 21, 2020 – submitted
Jun 2, 2020 – rejected
Jul 19, 2020 – submitted
Jul 22, 2020 – rejected
Jul 22, 2020 – submitted
Aug 10, 2020 – rejected
Mar 10, 2021 – submitted
Mar 10, 2021- rejected
Apr 4, 2021 – submitted
May 9, 2021 – rejected
May 31, 2021 – submitted
Jun 2, 2021 – rejected
Novel “Hollow”
Alya, a schoolteacher in a poor mining town at the edge of the Galactic Republic, discovers her people are so deeply oppressed they don’t even know it. When a mine-worker’s-rights activist visits town and is murdered, the evidence points to Alya. Now she must flee her home because the vengeful twin sister wants her dead. With the help of her savvy best friend and a retired marine in search of redemption, Alya must lose herself in the Galactic Republic to hide from assassins. In trying to survive and find her way home to enlighten her people and save them from poverty, she unravels a two thousand-year-old mystery: what was the cause of the fall of the Empire of the Shining Moon?
Novel “Consort”
Rachel has been gone a long time. She’s been waiting to be officially called home by the crown, and during that time has honed her skills as a mage. She made it through some tough times because of the dream of homecoming, with a little help from alcohol and other substances (she can stop whenever she wants). When homecoming doesn’t go as expected, she takes things into her own hands. Afterward, the Queen reprimands her. It’s a sticky situation because the Queen is also her cousin and best friend. Or at least she was when Rachel left. Add to that a rebellion and another mage trying to kill the Queen. Can Rachel conquer her addictions, save the queen, and help the oppressed? She certainly thinks so!