Excerpt from a new project

Writing is going well! Here is the excerpt from the novel I am writing as part of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) https://nanowrimo.org/ Lakor was rubbing a strand of Dana’s blond hair between his fingers. Jenae walked up and slapped his hand away and shoved Dana backwards. Jenae didn’t care if that woman was a … Continue reading Excerpt from a new project

Death From Above

Ugh, left-front leg two is stuck in slime. I hate those chitin-free, spotted, slimy giants. They wander around everywhere leaving messes. Those soft bodies shed slime like the rest of the world exhales carbon dioxide. They are a menace! I need to go in that direction to get home, but I can’t because I’m unable … Continue reading Death From Above

A Poem

I'm not a poet. I want to try poetry because I think it will help my prose. Here's my first try. Don't laugh too hard! I have always cared about the forest;These seven? Queen of the fairies asksThoughts of the soldier excluded.The mirage of the seven is attained,Within sovereign space around her forest.In silence most … Continue reading A Poem


“Get me a goddamn drink!” she yelled. Mumble mumble, was all she heard. “What? Get the marbles out of your mouth.” “You’re ornery Vir,” her grandson-in-law said. Vir held her hand out. “I may be blind and almost deaf, but I know when I don’t have a drink in my hand.” If she could walk … Continue reading Virginia

Safety Matters

She is slowly unbecoming. She can talk about quarks and black holes, but doesn't know how to pay bills. Fairies grace her living room and she spends the day watching the trees outside of her window talk. She lives in a beautiful world. I must be the one to pack up her life and give … Continue reading Safety Matters