Of Perfection and Perception

They speculated that divergent forms off the coast caused a fatal perfection in perception. Of course it was all conjecture. They couldn’t ask the smiling corpses laying in the sand with waves washing over them. They assume the lethality is total. They will eventually determine it is not. Until then, it is a secret between … Continue reading Of Perfection and Perception

Found Words – A Poem?

I wrote a poem from words that came from a jewelry catalog: cut, bend, wrap, bring, create, choose, hold, release, know, abrade, spiral, materials, gems, mountain, wires, lifetime, pieces, generations, crystal, pendant, ruby, silk, faceted The gems of a lifetime are created not just within mountains but wherever we go.We bring with us the materials … Continue reading Found Words – A Poem?

Joy to the World

[Creative non-fiction, 1767 words] I watched Disney movies as a child. I’ve never counted how many. Dozens? Hundreds? Million Dollar Duck, Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, The Absent Minded Professor. I guess this says something about my outlook on life. My youthful understanding of joy came from the movie Pollyanna[1] and her "glad game". Pollyanna always … Continue reading Joy to the World