This is part of Just Jot it January (JusJoJan). Anything that we write, including things jotted down, can be posted. This was my shopping list on January 11. 2 x bottles of cherry coke1 x M&M's Family Size (with the zip closure)Beef jerkyrice crackerswatersushiTums Dull and somewhat unhealthy, but otherwise just an ordinary shopping list. … Continue reading List

Status Report

“How are you?” Rick said. “And don’t say ‘surviving’.” Dana looked at her long-time friend’s face, with raised eyebrows, wide eyes, and pursed lips. He cared. She scanned the crowd at Coffee Beans Et Alia. It was a busy day and there were a lot of people to scan. “Dana?” “It’s not easy to talk … Continue reading Status Report

Safety Matters

She is slowly unbecoming. She can talk about quarks and black holes, but doesn't know how to pay bills. Fairies grace her living room and she spends the day watching the trees outside of her window talk. She lives in a beautiful world. I must be the one to pack up her life and give … Continue reading Safety Matters