Wildthings Wednesday 10/6/21

WW Rules My writing is below the prompt, if you're interested. Prompt Spicebush Swallowtail - Soldier's Delight, Maryland Float I don't know what creature made these footprints, but I sure am glad I wasn't here when it did! I would have become one with the mud. Mud is good on a hot day. It cools … Continue reading Wildthings Wednesday 10/6/21

Wildthings Wednesday 9/29/21

This Wednesday's prompt is early. It overlaps with a prompt from Stream of Consciousness Saturday. I frequently write using this prompt. I decided I'd combine the two.You can skip ahead to my writing if you like. WW Rules: This Week's Prompt Near Far Note on today's prompt These are photos of my doggo, Sadie. I know she's not … Continue reading Wildthings Wednesday 9/29/21