Roly Poly

Tom followed Jack through the winding underground passages. “Where are we going?” Tom asked. “Surprise,” Jack said, his nine segments rattling as he shivered. Tom’s seven pair of feet pattered softly on the dirt. “Is it scary?” “Yes.” Tom rolled into a ball reflexively. “Really?” Jack said. Tom unrolled. “I don’t know why that doesn’t … Continue reading Roly Poly

Frodo Baggins is My Friend

I stood and leaned forward over the back of the school bus seat. “Watermelon!” I said as I plucked a Jolly Rancher from Mary’s hand. “Green apple!” Suzie said. We were declaring our favorite flavors as the bus rolled us home. It was filled with voices that merged into a loud, white noise. Words could … Continue reading Frodo Baggins is My Friend


Gentle in word and form. Burnished hair and painted lips, Eyes lined with kohl. Beautiful by any measure. Dreams of tigers gnawing hands and swallowed glass, slicing. Powerless, falling, spiraling, Landing on icy steps to jerk Awake knowing talents are invisible at best and crushed completely on Other days dreams of Flying far with eagles. … Continue reading Powerless