Through Another’s Eyes

The section of wall was clear and Caroic could see the landscape outside the habitat. The plants grew tall, with thin brown trunks. She couldn't believe those thin trunks could support all that green foliage. She missed the tangerine sky of home and the rocky landscapes. The low growing plant life was sparse. Here, carbon-based … Continue reading Through Another’s Eyes

I Screamed at the TV

"Don't go in there!" "Whatever. It'll be fine," Bob had said. Anna had refused and walked home. Bob was dead because she'd abandoned him. Anna stood on her neighbor's back patio, staring at the sliding glass door, the summer sun beating down on her head. She threw a brick from the edging of his perfectly … Continue reading I Screamed at the TV

Books Are For Reading

I unlocked the door to my neighbor's house. House sitting during summer break is a great money maker. The bonuses are even better. I'm away from brother, my clients leave snacks for me, and some of them have me dog watch too. However, the best part... I don't have to work at a fast food … Continue reading Books Are For Reading