Wildthings Wednesdays

I need writing prompts to stir my creativity and practice my writing during the middle of the week. I decided animals would be a good theme and I could use all the pictures I’ve taken.


  • Stream of Consciousness – no planning and no editing (ok, typo correction and spell-check allowed)
  • Minimal curse words – sometimes shit happens
  • Keep it clean – my kids read this!

If you write something using my prompt, give me a pingback or post a link in the comments! I’d love to read your writing.

Wildthings Wednesday 9/29/21

This Wednesday’s prompt is early. It overlaps with a prompt from Stream of Consciousness Saturday. I frequently write using this prompt. I decided I’d combine the two.You can skip ahead to my writing if you like. WW Rules: This Week’s Prompt Near Far Note on today’s prompt These are photos of my doggo, Sadie. I know she’s not…

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Wildthings Wednesday – 9/22/21

Rules: *Pingbacks occur automatically when you include this webpage address in your post. My writing is below. Fred “Don’t look at me.” “You’re still looking at me… My beak is strong.” “I appreciate you backing up. You were invading my space.” “You want to negotiate with those pellets?” “Oh, well, they’re yucky.” “I might be…

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