My channel to the singing mountain had been unfriendly, but I had pursued the sculptured moraine and had found it exhilarating. I had proved to the grand cliffs in their blue storms that their snowy doom could not touch me. I admire the narrow rills as they shimmer and cascade and fall down a cataract. I must return to my canoe and push for home, where all my anxious tribes await.

Another “found word” story. Words are from “Travels in Alaska” by John Muir.

mountain, cascade, sculptured, pursued, narrow, rills, admire, proved, shimmer, singing, cliffs, moraine, blue, push, climb, cataract, channel, snowy clear, exhilarating, canoe, anxious, tribes, unfriendly, sibyl, storms, doom, grand, joyfully, uncharted.

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