Wildthings Wednesday 9/29/21

This Wednesday’s prompt is early. It overlaps with a prompt from Stream of Consciousness Saturday. I frequently write using this prompt. I decided I’d combine the two.
You can skip ahead to my writing if you like.

WW Rules:

  • The prompt is below (labeled “Prompt”, imagine that!)
  • Stream of Consciousness – no planning and no editing (ok, typo correction and spell-check allowed)
  • Minimal curse words – sometimes shit happens
  • Keep it clean – my kids read this!

Give me a pingback (WordPress only) or a link to your writing in the comments. I’d love to read what you’ve written!

This Week’s Prompt



Note on today’s prompt

These are photos of my doggo, Sadie. I know she’s not a wildthing. She’s a golden-husky mix and was the best buddy ever. We lost her suddenly a week ago, and we’re all still mourning. My writing today is part of saying goodbye.

I wub woo*

I am near. You need a friend today. Pet me.

You stopped. I will use my nose to remind you to pet me.

You stopped–Ooh, where are we going?

This is the kitchen. The kitchen is where the food is. That is my bowl. Why do you put that ungood kibble in my bowl?

I will stare at it until you give me the chicken I smell in the magic food box.

Einstein barks! I must go to the window! Einstein! (Woof!). Hi! (Bark!). Hihihihihi (Bark, bark bark, bark, bark!).

Oh, you do not like it when I say hi. But it is Einstein (Woof)! All right I will stop now.

It is time to sleep in the middle of the floor. Ah, it is cool here. You sing in the kitchen. It hurts my ears. I will not howl. You are happy.

I wake up because I hear keys. Where are we going?

Aww, you did not take my leash. Do not go far. I will be here when you come back.

*Husky-speak for “I love you”.

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