[Flash fiction; 191 words]

“What kind of color is that anyhow? It’s a shit color.”

“Emmie, don’t be so derogatory. Hazel is an envious color.”

“Still sounds like-”

“Shut it!”

Emmie stuck her tongue out at her oldest friend, Sylvia. Well, no actually her friend of longest standing, a mere 67 years.

“Cobalt. I want cobalt eyes.”

“That’s just freaky.”

“Okay, sapphire.”

“Well that at least sounds royal.”

“I am royal.”

“I like my color.”

“Of course you do. You love everything about yourself.”

“Don’t mince words. What do you really think of me?”

“I adore you, but hate my eye color. I have since first grade.”

“What, adored me?”

“Fuh, now I know why you’re not married.”

“I’m not married because I’m too progressive.”

“I noticed the use of ‘freaky’.”

“Nothing gets past you.”

“Mind like a steel trap. Where’d I put my keys?”

Sylvia shook them in front of Emmie’s face. Emmie snatched them. “How’s your nephew?”

“The judge is sending him to prison.”

Emmie halted in the doorway and looked at Sylvia. “You’re awful chipper.”

Syvia shrugged as her eyes filled with water. Emmie hugged her fiercely. “I’ve got you.”

“You always do.”

Featured image is from AllAboutVision.com

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