The Details

“The devil is in the details.” A popular quote. “God is in the details.” Another popular quote. Which is it?

I’ve been in a very dark place a few times in my life. During one, I was willing to do anything to make the physical pain stop. In the middle of the night, during my bleakest hour, I offered my soul up to the the “devil” in exchange for surcease from the pain. There were no takers. Therefore, there is no devil. I have wondered if I was untouched because I was already spoken for. My soul is God’s, so it’s not mine to sell. In that case I would have expected some kind of tug of war. Nope. Therefore, there is no devil and we are all God’s even though it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

I did not come to these conclusions that night. I just wept in frustration because I thought the devil didn’t even want me. Later these ideas came to me, and I was comforted. I’ve also come to the conclusion that sometimes the comfort doesn’t come exactly when we need it. But it does come. This has taught me to cultivate patience; difficult in a person that is perpetually impatient.

I’m being patient today and hoping God has something wonderful in store for me tomorrow.

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