Beginning and Ending

The chemical relationship ionized dreams and lifted hopes. Though they were fraught with isotopes, the shared events were joyous. The spiral and complex weekends did not need explaining.

Soon, the data showed cursed elements. The erasure of the happy road became a periodic part of each day. A metallic ploy mandated a unique wall; each role was organized but not optimized.

Although modern tools were used to repair gaps, the minute became unbridgeable. The labcoats observing saw the truth; it was only rockwool to begin with.

This is a found words story. I found words from Google News and Wikipedia (Periodic Table). I put them together to form a story about falling in love and breaking up. Here are the words.

  • Fraught
  • happy
  • cursed
  • optimal
  • unique
  • natural
  • chemical
  • metallic
  • spiral
  • periodic
  • popular
  • modern
  • minute
  • wavy
  • complex
  • mandate
  • says
  • show
  • erase
  • organize
  • explain
  • share
  • ionize
  • data
  • rockwool
  • ploy
  • root
  • elements
  • isotope
  • wall
  • weekend
  • tools
  • dreams
  • gaps
  • event
  • role
  • road

Write your own story with these words. Include a link at the end of your story with this page’s address. I’ll get a pingback and can read your story! Note: pingbacks only work between WordPress accounts. If you’re not on word press, put a link to your story in the comments section.

Looking forward to reading some stories!

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